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what to do and where to go

im lost for sure this time, im scared to leave him so what do i do.
im having a good life now, and i love my daughter even though im caught between a rock and a hard place. things are going good. just shit has went down. well i got to go .
luv alaways ashli

hello i have a nudist for a child.

i am sitting, here watching wrestling and general hospital. i love general hospital. lol well dont got much to say but i have a nudist for a child. lol

Writer's Block: Love is deaf

yes i could cuz i can tune out the music. lol

and life goes on

i think i will be okay just i dont like being a single mom, i remember my mom being a single mom and us never spending time with eachother and now im a single mom and i swore up and down i never would be.... im stuck in a rutt and cant get out.
everything, i want to do alot with along of everything.

happy new year everyone

happy new year,
my new year was pretty good i spent it drinking wine and eating gummy worms, lol but other then that i didnt do much.

Writer's Block: To auld lang syne

on new years we get drunk fucked up on drugs, and party like no other. this year im spending it at home.

Writer's Block: Bottoms up!

i used to spend new years eve drunk, partying, doing drugs, lol... i had a blast and this year im spending it by myself.

Writer's Block: Reflections

My most fondest memory so far is having my daughter's first birthday, it was a blast because pple that i loved that didnt get along with eachother got along for me for one day. and my lowest points, were i lost my apartment, and my boyfriend who is my baby daddy went to jail going to prison for attempted murder. and that my daughter wont get to see her father for the next couple of years.
yes i wish i could do it all over again, cuz i have so many regrets for what he did to us as a family. i regret moving to missouri to be with his family cuz this sucks